Museums in Rotterdam

The Sport City of Rotterdam is a special city where there is always something to do for everyone. A city which will take your breath away. Among Rotterdam’s attractions are numerous unique and spectacular museums.

A survey of these museums follows below.

The Show Cube


The cube homes are an integral part of Rotterdam’s cityscape. The Show Cube is a furnished museum home in the Blaakse Bos. The interieur has been specially designed and constructed to give an impression of how a cube home can be lived in.

World Museum


Admire top exhibits from Asia, Oceania, Africa, America and the Islamic culture area in the World Museum. You will be told the spiritual significance of each exhibit. Take a look into the spiritual world of the World Museum.

Nederlands Fotomuseum


With the playful yet educative presentation, the Nederlands Fotomuseum makes 90,000 photos from its collection accessible. Pictures, texts, sounds and films tell the stories behind the photos, and you will walk through decades of Dutch photography and history.

Maritime Museum


In the middle of the bubbling heart of Rotterdam lies the Maritime Museum, the oldest shipping museum in The Netherlands. The museum tells the imposing history of The Netherlands, in which the world port of Rotterdam has a special place. The museum also takes you into the present and future of the fascinating maritime world.

S.S. Rotterdam

The famous steamship Rotterdam is the largest passenger ship ever built in The Netherlands. Go on board to explore and go back in time.

Feyenoord Museum

Feyenoord is the largest, most succesful football club in Rotterdam. Hundreds of photos, attributes, trophies and more than two hours of pictures and commentary take you on a unique journey through the history of the football club.

Boijmans Van Beuningen Museumrotterdam

The Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum houses collections of world class. The museum manages collections in old art, modern and present-day art, industrial art and design. Experience art in the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum.

The Rotterdam Kunsthal

A visit to the Kunsthal, a special Art Gallery, is a fascinating trip past old masters, forgotten cultures, fascinating photos, innovative design and present-day art. Take an adventurous trip through different parts of the world and art trends in the Kunsthal.

Netherlands Architecture Institute

The Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi) is more than a museum. It is an Archive, Museum, Library and Cutural stage all in one. Important archives and collections of Dutch architects from 1800 onwards are kept at the NAi and made accessible to the public.

Chabot Museum

The Chabot Museum manages one of the most important collections of the painter and sculptor Hendrik Chabot, a Dutch expressionist. The museum offers a glimpse into the world of Hendrik Chabot.

Historisch Museum Rotterdam

The Historisch Museum Rotterdam has a collection of more than a hundred thousand items of the most diverse types, from hat to hearth stone, from sculpture to a glass to drink from.

Natural History Museum Rotterdam

The Natural History Museum Rotterdam is very much concerned with nature in the Rotterdam region, without losing sight of the rest of the world and geological history.