The World Table Tennis Championships will be staged in the Ahoy Indoor Arena, Rotterdam.

The Ahoy Indoor Arena was built around 1970 as a covered cycling and ice-skating race track. Over the past forty years, however, the facility has become one of the leading multifunctional indoor arenas in Europe. Ahoy has hosted concerts by great national and international stars, sports events, shows, business exhibitions and a large number of other events.

In 2010 the Indoor Arena is being fundamentally modernized. Audience capacity is being expanded, with special attention being paid to audience experience. Thus the Ahoy Indoor Arena is the location for the 2011 World Table Tennis Championships.

The Indoor Arena has a number of different halls. During the World Table Tennis Championships these will each have a specific function.

In the Indoor Arena there will be four show courts in which the televised matches will be played. All other matches will be played in hall 1 on 30 to 36 tables. During the last weekend the Dutch Open Table Tennis Championships for Disabled will be played.

During the World Championships the other halls will be put to different uses to ensure optimum enjoyment for audience and players. Explicitly:

  • Hall 2: Side events around the World Championships for various target groups;
  • Hall 3: The promotion village, including sales stands;
  • Hall 4: Practice hall for competitors;
  • Hall 5: Catering for participants and officials.