The Netherlands Table Tennis Association

The Netherlands Table Tennis Association (NTTB) has been awarded the organization of the 2011 World Table Tennis Championships in Rotterdam. The organization has been contracted out to the Stichting Tafeltennisevenementen Nederland (STN), the Foundation for Table Tennis Events in The Netherlands. The 2011 World Championships are the most important opportunity for the NTTB to reach the around 1 700 000 people who are interested in table tennis and the world championships. This is a great chance and challenge for the NTTB. Via participation in the organized side events before, during and after the championships (tournaments, clinics, meetings, etc.) and in a passive way continue the enjoyment derived from top table tennis matches.twitter_nttb_logo

The Netherlands Table Tennis Association is an Olympic Sport Association with 35 000 members. The NTTB was founded in 1935 and will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary with the 2011 World Championships in Rotterdam. In addition to organizing leagues and tournaments, top sport and talent recognition, the NTTB is concerned with club support, training courses and promotion of the sport.

The NTTB is a member of the NOC*NSF(the Netherlands Olympic Committee), the European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) and the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). Highlights in the sporting history of the NTTB include the European titles for the Dutch ladies (2008, 2009), the individual European Championship titles of Bettine Vriesekoop (1982, 1992) and Li Jiao (2007) and various Paralympic medals won by, among others, Nico Blok and Kelly van Zon.

Since the end of 2007 the NTTB has changed tack, the emphasis now being on professionalizing and improving the whole organization and all core tasks. The NTTB does this primarily with the support of members, clubs and many volunteers.

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